Feather F3 Innovative Comfortable Razor

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The Feather F3 razor is simply the best modern day cartridge razor we have ever tried. Renowned for producing the sharpest razor blades Feather knows how to make an effective razor. The pivoting head adjusts itself to the contours of your face as you shave. The problem with most multi blade system razors has been the irritation caused by pulling and cutting the hairs below the skin which causes irritation and razor bumps. Feather has solved this with a recessed guard and a suspension system for each blade. Hairs are cut flush with the surface of the skin giving a gentle yet effective shave.

  • Made in Japan
  • Feather F3 Razor + 2 Cartridge Blades
  • Triple Blade Razor with 3D Pivoting Head ( One Razor comes with Two Cartridges)
  • Innovative 3 D pivoting head allows the razor to move smoothly over the contour of the face - Razor head moves forward and backward and blade cartridge moves vertically and horizontally plus the blade has independent suspensions to glide along the skin surface
  • Wavy Guard reduces pressure on the skin - New guard design reduces pressure on the skin and allows blade to gently glide along the skin for a comfortable and safe shave , Suspension on each blade to ride smoothly over the skin
  • SiC Ceramic coating technology offers durability and comfortable shave - Innovative blade coating helps the blade last longer and reduces drag so the blade can glide smoothly over the skin.
  • Reduces irritation and razor burns - Reduces pressure on the skin and pushes up the hair for a closer shave. Made in Japan